More Books by Matthew

The Antioch church described in the Book of Acts provides a wonderful model of the resource church – overflowing with the presence and power of God, influencing its locality and region through evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and church planting. It’s time for more overflowing churches in our day. In Overflow Matthew presents a vision for churches of overflow, drawing on the growing experience of The Belfrey in York, the church he leads.

Endorsements for Overflow include:

Dr. Winfield Bevins – Director of Church Planting, Asbury Seminary, USA and author of Marks of a Movement: ‘Many churches across Europe and North America are either in decline or dying. We need to rediscover the wisdom of the Book of Acts that contributed to the growth of the early church. Matthew Porter reminds us that church is not an end in itself; the church points beyond itself to fulfill the mission of God by making disciples and planting churches. I highly recommend Overflow to everyone who wants to help the church thrive again by learning lessons from the church of Antioch for today.’

Anne Calver – Baptist Minister, speaker & author: ‘That longing, that hunger, that thirst you and I have to see another move of God through the church – well Overflow will quench some of it, because Matthew’s words serve to excite and equip us as churches to live more like they did in Acts: in step with the Spirit.’

Alan Hirsch – Founder of 100 Movements and 5Q Collective & author of numerous books on missional leadership, theology, and organization: ‘It is always a joy to see churches structure ministry around the ministry of Christ described in Ephesians 4. In this book Matthew Porter demonstrates visionary leadership that leads to a lived experience of the fullness of Christ…to what he calls overflow.  I heartily recommend this book to you.’ 

Mark Tanner – Bishop of Chesterand author of The Introverted Charismatic: ‘This book is a great resource: great for reflecting on Resource Churches, but also a gift to those who want to reflect on church life in general. It’s rooted in biblical reflection, draws on Matthew’s extensive experience and wisdom, and offers concise insight that will encourage and stimulate in equal measure.’

Ben Doolan – Leader of St Thomas’, Newcastle, and Head of 18-30s Ministry for New Wine: ‘Matthew Porter embodies Overflow. As the leader of St Thomas’ Newcastle, a Resource Church Plant sent by Matthew from The Belfrey, I know that Matthew lives out the foundations of overflow that he passionately lays out in this book. Overflow ends with a prophetic hope that church decline is not inevitable and that if we do the simple things of faith well, whole regions can be impacted by churches that overflow with the expectation that God is moving in our day. As you read this book, my prayer is that you too will develop a vision for overflow and that you will see how you and your local church can play your part in seeing our nation changed as we follow Jesus together.’

Lizzy Woolf – Team Rector, St George’s Church: ‘If you want to know more about the heart and vision of resource churches, this is the book for you. It’s full of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement for all of us who long to see our region impacted for Christ.’ 

A-Z of Discipleship is a simple introduction to the understanding and practice of the Christian faith. It presents 26 aspects of discipleship to help you start, and grow in your relationship with God, connect with church and live as a follower of Christ in contemporary culture. Each topic has a few pages of introduction and insight, an action section for reflection and application – a prayer to help put the action into practice – extensive references to all further study.

Endorsements for A-Z of Discipleship include:

Nadine Parkinson – Network Relationship Manager, Tearfund, UK: ‘This is EXACTLY what a new Christian needs – a fresh and simple explanation of the features of this new life and world upon which they have embarked. A fabulous road map for a new Christian navigating the wonderful but undiscovered world into which they have landed – FANTASTIC! Matthew has written a supremely accessible guide to the Christian life for those wanting to follow Jesus.’

J. John – evangelist, minister, speaker, social activist and writer: ‘A book for anybody, whether new or mature in the Christian life, who seeks a deeper and richer faith. It overflows with virtues: realistic and scriptural, accessible and profound, compassionate and challenging. Read this book slowly over a month and let the effects bless the rest of your life.’

Paul Harcourt – National Leader, New Wine: ‘Don’t be fooled by the size of this little book – its powerful stuff!  As Matthew says in his introduction, it might be best read in a few minutes each day over a month. But the themes are so rich that you’ll find the words running round your mind throughout the rest of the day.’

Sarah Yardley – Festival Coordinator, Creation Fest, UK: ‘As a lifelong follower of Jesus, I found this book tremendously helpful. Matthew has taken the key components of our faith and created a wise, pastoral, and deeply usable guide. It is designed for new followers of Jesus  but rich enough in content that I learned and gleaned from it myself. I am thankful to know Matthew personally and witness the way he lives out his faith. As a church and ministry leader, I look forward to using this book as I invite friends to follow the God we love.’

The Rt Revd John Sentamu – former Archbishop of York, UK: Discipleship is not an end in itself – it is the adventure of finding God’s purpose in our lives and living it out, as we seek to follow Jesus in the power of the Spirit, to the glory of God the Father. Whether you have been on this journey for a while, or you have just begun, reading this book will help you grow in your relationship with God, in your service and witness to others, and in your participation in the life of your local Church.  Full of practical, biblical wisdom, it’s a great book either to read at a stretch or to dip into each day.’

Greg Downes – Director of Ministerial Training &​​​​​ Dean of The Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford: ‘The A-Z of Discipleship is an excellent resource for both new Christians and seekers alike. Each of the 26 chapters are precise, pithy and punchy and provide a wonderful overview of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Matthew Porter has done a great service in producing this informative and accessible resource and I heartily commend it.’

Warren Ace Furman – Evangelist & TV Gladiator, UK: ‘This book is a prayer answered, the definitive post Alpha course must have read. A straight talking practical guide to following Jesus and exploring the liberating joy and freedom that discipleship brings.  Like the Gospel, this book is refreshingly simple, and a sat nav to Christ.’ 

Iain Boyd – Senior Executive at an S&P 500 international corporation, USA: ‘Matthew’s A-Z of Discipleship provides an easy to follow road map for someone starting out on their Christian journey, yet possesses a level of depth to challenge even the long-term disciple. Filled with insights from a man on his own personal journey, the reader is introduced to the wonderful person of Jesus Christ. Wisdom permeates the text, but none more so than the encouragement to read the Bible and pray every day. How helpful this book will be for those searching, those with questions, and those starting out on the road to a life of faith… I will use Matthew’s book in mentoring young believers’.

William Porter – Beacon House of Prayer, Stoke on Trent, and author of The Forerunner Cry: ‘I am delighted that my brother Matthew has distilled the wisdom of his many years of church leadership into this book on basic discipleship. Full of bible insights, personal illustrations and practical advice it should be a helpful resource for those entering into the journey of following Jesus. As my wife and I network across houses of prayer and prayer networks in the UK, we are aware that God is on the move in fresh ways. We are anticipating that there will be many thousands of new young Christians who will need a book like this to help them get good foundations of faith. I warmly endorse Matthew’s writing.’

Ric Thorpe – Bishop of Islington: ‘Matthew is an accomplished church leader, a life-long disciple and profound writer. He lives what he writes. I know because I have seen it year in and year out for over 20 years. He is the kind of person you would want and trust to write a book like this.’